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Classic routes


The classic routes, the logical way up a wall, the obvious line to reach the summit of the desired peak.
Ribagorça is the region of rocks: from the limestone walls of the gorge of Montrebei to the granite spires of Aigüestortes National Park. There is rock for every season and routes for all levels and difficulties.

We can either spend a pleasant morning in any of the bolted routes in Cavallers (Alta Ribagorça) and Pic de Sant Cugat, or enjoy a full high mountain day while climbing any of the partially bolted routes in the Pyrenees (Ordesa, Vignemale, Midi d 'Ossau ...).

Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees: limestone, granite, conglomerate, schist...

When: May to November
Where: Ribagorça, Pyrenees, Pre-Pyrenees
Activity: Climbing
Price: from 160€ to 280€ per participant, depending on the chosen route and the number of participants



Water divides, natural ascent lines to many summits, an expression of classical alpinism.

Ribagorça, the rock region, is full of it all.

The traverse of the Bessiberris is the area's most renowned, but by far not the most complex. The spires above lake Travesany, the three teeth of mount Tumeneia or mount Pa de Sucre are but some of the most spectacular possible traverses, offering all the charm of classical alpinism and a good dose of slope difference and hours of activity. We can undertake these climbs in the same day or we can spend the previous night at the Ventosa i Calvell lodge. The queen of the Pyrenees, arriving at the Summit of mount Aneto, is the crest of Salenques, a very long and aerial ride.

When: May to November
Where: Ribagorça. Pyrenees.
Activity: Climbing
Price: from 250€ to 400€ per participant, depending on the chosen ridge and the number of participants.

Introduction to rock climbing. Beginners course (1)

A training course addressed to those who wish to start trying the basics of the vertical climbing world and get the basic knowledge on progression and safety techniques.
Duration of the course: ½ day or full day.
Ideal for school groups (the course involves environmental education and instills respect for the mountain milieu, + 2hrs theory sessions).

When: April to October
Where: Vall de Boí, Ribagorça
Activity: Climbing Course
Price: 45€ per student. ½ day, 90€ per student. Full day.

Advanced climbing course (1)

A course addressed to those with some experience in the vertical world of rock climbing who want to expand their basic knowledge of progression and securing and get hands-on training on partially bolted routes of various pitches.
Course duration: 2 week days or a weekend.

When: April to October
Where: Vall de Boí, Ribagorça
Activity: Climbing Cours
Price: 210€ per student

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